Collage Apps - Android

1. KD Collage Pro 
There are many applications in the Google Play Store dedicated to photography through which we can perform various operations directly from our smartphone without necessarily passing through the PC Desktop. 

One of the best apps to edit our photos, for sure is KD Collage Pro , whose motto is: Beautiful collage is easy!

The motto we can immediately understand that this interesting application, available on the Play Store in both free and paid, it allows us to create beautiful collages through our Android smartphone of tablet, using photos that we previously shot.  

  2. Photo Grid - Collage Maker  
 Photo Grid is another application for creating stunning collage of photos on our Android devices.Once we have installed Photo Grid we have several choices to begin with, the collage for the views and individual photos with those for several pictures in high definition.

Selecting one of us will be asked to select the photos in the memory, that this collage and ready. 

To view the various models, just shake the device and quickly set the proposed new styles. Once you have chosen what we like to do is choose the size of the picture and save it. Photo Grid is completely free application and is one of the best made and easy to use.
3. InstaPicFrame for Instagram
InstaPicFrame for Instagram for Android is a very simple application dedicated to the creation of collages of photos quickly and easily before being posted on Instagram, or of course on other social networks.  InstaPicFrame for Instagram offers customization, backgrounds and borders, and is offered free of charge, so it's worth trying to see if it can be of interest for their own needs.

InstaPicFrame for Instagram features:

  • customizable style and different models to merge photos
  • shake the device to change preset template
  • many borders and backgrounds available to enhance the effect
  • share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr
Pic Collage is yet another collage maker application for Android devices. 

This is very interesting application that allows you to create beautiful pictures and arrange them creatively by adding some filters, borders, stickers and text.  

Simply you can start by adding pictures from your gallery, facebook or instagram and select he type of frame you'd like to use. Then, by simply tapping the pictures, you can easily Enhance them and add effects, as well as borders and all the other features that are included and of course we can always get back and keep rearranging the photos until the result if satisfying.  

The Pic Collage interface  is one of the perks of this application, as it is highly well-designed and has a great usability that allows the smartphone users of all generations to play with it and learn it all about the app's features.