Collage Apps - iPhone & iPad

1. Photo Wall Pro ( iPhone & iPad )
Photo Wall Pro is one of the best collage apps available for both iPhone and iPad. The Photo Wall Pro allows you to create beautiful collages high resolution. You can choose the background from the library and organize the photos the way you prefer. You can add text to create personalized greeting cards.

Once the photo has been edited and collage is done, it's very easy to share and export your Photo Wall Collage, just choose where you want to upload the phone: Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, Email, Print or save to photo library. 

2. Pic Collage ( iPhone & iPad ) 

PicCollage is, as its name suggests, a collage maker application for iPhone and iPad devices. This is very interesting application that allows you to create beautiful pictures and arrange them creatively by adding some filters, borders, stickers and text.  

Simply you can start by adding pictures from your gallery, facebook or instagram and select he type of frame you'd like to use. Then, by simply tapping the pictures, you can easily Enhance them and add effects, as well as borders and all the other features that are included and of course we can always get back and keep rearranging the photos until the result if satisfying.  

The Pic Collage interface  is one of the perks of this application, as it is highly well-designed and has a great usability that allows the smartphone users of all generations to play with it and learn it all about the app's features. 

3. Photo Grid - Collage Maker ( iPhone & iPad )

Photo Grid is a free application and its available fot both iPhone and iPad. With this interesting application we are able to create very artistic photo collages.

With Photo Grid, it is easy to pick the photos from the smartphone or tablet and then combine them into fun collage. When we have finished our work, we share in the major social networks supported by Phot Grid, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, etc.  

A nice treat feature of this app is the ability to change the layout of the collage by simply shaking the device.

                                                        4. ProCollage ( iPhone & iPad )

ProCollage is another great collage application that offers you many choices with different settings to achieve your collage with the best pictures that you have. 

The application provides many pre-defined templates and images, also the photos can be rotated and resized within the selected frame. 

ProCollage is a very powerful collage and stitch application with almost all the features you could imagine, and allows you to make photo collage of classic and freestyle stitching for a great variety. You will love this app and have so much fun with the creation of collage amazing once you put your hands on it.