Collage Apps - Windows Phone

1. Phototastic is one very interesting application, dedicated to the world of photography and created to allow us to make collages of our favorite photos. 

Phototasctic offers 18 layout for our artistic creations, all seasoned with various effects similar to what you can do with Instagram and adjustments for color, contrast and brightness.

The collage can be shared with easy just clicking the share button and the our photos are easily shared on Facebook or Flickr. 
2. PhotoGrid is very easy straightforward application for Windows Phone. It offers extreme simplicity in making collages from the photos taken from ours smartphone cameras.

With PhotoGrid, we can create our own little pieces of art by arranging your favorite shots into a grid. That is done by choosing the format and how the pics are arranged, whether you want a dominant photo with more real estate than the rest, or whether you want everything evenly sized and arranged.

Yet for an app so very simple, there many features that we simply love, like the borders and many other arraignments we can do on the photos, to get the much desired effect.

Once the you  amazing collages are ready simply via facebook, twitter, email and weibo.

3. Pic Stitch is another goods collage application for Windows Phone 8 devices .

The application, one of the most popular among iOS users and recently has become available for Windows Phone users.

Pic Stitch  allows you to edit your images , apply filters and corrections, and merge them into a single image with the only limit of your imagination. Within the app we can in fact to chose the layout of the image and create various element contained in the selected frames and quickly combine multiple photos into one image beautifully framed.

Pic Stitch incorporates a simple design with a powerful editor to give you all that incredible you may want to make your photo.

Share your masterpiece with all your family and friends with tons of in-app sharing options. 

4. Fotor is one of the best all round photographic application on Window Phone ecosystem. The application offers the possibility to create a collage of photos directly in the app and its completely free.

There are a whole range of ready models, and you can add up to 9 photos.Create a collage with Fotor.Once in Collage mode, simply choose your format and click the various panels to add the photos you want.

 The application responds quickly and quickly to any request. Photos can be rotated, removed and placed in the right way simply keep your finger on the image and then move it to taste.Of course, even here, the usual options are offered to modify slightly the edges of the collage, add textures to the same basic, round the corners, increasing the thickness of the edges and add shading to the various boxes.

Fotor is one of those software which is called All-in-One, that is, with so many different functions within a single application, and that makes up for the needs of the majority of people who need to make a few adjustments and improvements to photo and want to filter and then subsequently apply some interesting  effects.